About Us The McLain Realty Team

At the McLain Realty Team, we use the most aggressive marketing in the entire industry.  Furthermore, our innovative consumer programs deliver results! Our 2 Year Love It or Leave It program changes the way home buyers feel about the buying process with our 66 day Guaranteed SALE Program putting minds at ease. We will personally buy the property in the rare event it does not sell.  Call us today to find out more about our incredible programs!

For our sellers, we operate on an 87 Step Marketing and Innovation System. This is the most powerful and proven award winning system that is revolutionizing the way we market and sell real estate. In fact it takes our marketing launch coordinator on average 48 hours for the initial launch of the home. Additionally we target locally, hyper-locally, regionally and nationally. In addition we advertise and market on Thousands of the most highly trafficked websites. Accordingly professional photographers and HD virtual tours are used in this system. Therefore when 93% of home buyers find their next home on line it is obviously important. We get homes sold because we dominate the competition with our proven, award winning systems!

The McLain Realty Team has the top and most experienced Buyers Agents in New Jersey! Our Agents are trained to not only help home buyers find the home of their dreams, but to also maximize their buying power!Unlike many other agents, our Buyers Agents are not generalized in their methods and thinking.  They are specifically trained to become Buyer Specialists and able to navigate with expertise of the specific markets inside and out.  Furthermore, they have the most highly acclaimed incentive programs in the entire industry!  The incentive programs help our client and customers get the most out of the buying experience.

John McLain and The McLain Realty Team is New Jersey’s premier real estate marketing and sales team. We Specialize in selling real estate for the most amount of money, in the shortest amount of time.  We have all of the statistics and testimonials to back it up and prove our successes!